SPX Summer Camps

 OUR SUMMER CAMPS offer campers a week full of fun and excitement while giving parents peace of mind that they are in a safe and loving environment! Summer camps are offered to rising K-8th graders all summer long with the exception of the week of July 1st-5th when we are closed. Camps run from 9am to 3pm each day, with Extended Day Care options for an additional fee. We also will have "Water Wednesdays" with a water slide almost every week! More details can be found in our Summer Camp FAQs.

 NEW this summer, SPX Camps is offering Rising Pre-K and Kindergarten camps and Academic Enrichment camps taught by some of our great St. Pius X teachers!   The Academic Enrichment camps are marked with an AE symbol. 

SUMMER CAMPS 2019!  Click the link below to see a printable schedule of all our camps for Summer 2019, or you may view them by week below.  When you have chosen your favorites, you may register on our REGISTRATION PAGE.  

Once you have completed your registration form, please forward your non-refundable deposit ($40 per camp) to hold your camper's spot, or full camp payment via one of our payment options as listed on our Registration & Payment page.

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WEEK 1 - June 10-14

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations*  JUST ADD WATER (Rising K –6th grade –Rebecca Bennett) Let’s get the summer started right with a whole lot of water fun! We’ll spend our mornings getting messy making fun and silly concoctions, and we’ll use the afternoon to wash it all off in wet and wild themed activities. We’ll learn how to make music with water, and make glowing water, lemon fizzy drinks, and lava lamps. For a tasty treat, we’ll make edible mud pies. We’ll run through sprinklers, ride the slip-n-slide, toss water balloons, and more. Be sure to beat the heat at JUST ADD WATER CAMP.

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* IT'S A LEGO® PARTY (Rising K - 6th grade – Lucinda Hernandez) – Have you ever wanted to build your own house, design your own car, or make your own airplane? Maybe you would like to create a dinosaur or castle? The sky is the limit! Sign up for a week of creative building fun using Legos®. We will spend our days building models and helping others build the best creations. We will have relay races and see how to make the fastest model. We will also put all of our teamwork together to make the largest masterpiece ever! We guarantee a week of fun building that you don’t want to miss.

Lego® is a registered trademark of the Lego group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* BEGINNING UKULELE CAMP (Rising 2nd- 6th grade – Rob York) – Have you been wanting to learn how to play the ukulele. You don’t need your own ukulele, but if you have one you’re welcome to bring it! This camp is for beginners only though. You’ll learn how to play simple melodies and simple chords. And how to strum along with some popular songs. But it won’t be sitting still all day with a ukulele. You’ll play some music and movement games and use some of the latest music technology! Join us for some ukulele strumming fun!



WEEK 2 - June 17-21

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* WILD ANIMAL JURASSIC ADVENTURE (Rising K – 3rd grade – Bekki Reid)- Get your binoculars ready and hop aboard the Jurassic Express. We’ll go on a wild adventure to explore dinosaurs and the wildest animals you’ve ever met! We’ll talk about different dinosaurs and wild animals, read about them, eat like them, and maybe even create some of our own. We’ll make dinosaur eggs, go on scavenger hunts, do the Dinosaur Stomp, play Jurassic Park tag, and maybe even find some fossils. Are you prepared for this Jurassic adventure?

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* CRUISE AROUND THE WORLD (Rising K – 6th grade ––Rebecca Bennett) All aboard the St. Pius Cruise Line for a week of wet and wild fun of world exploration. Pack your bags and say “bon voyage” to Greensboro. We’ll visit each continent and experience new cultures while having a blast on our cruise. We’ll taste their foods and return with some awesome souvenirs from each stop. We’ll have our very own beach day complete with the sounds of the Islands. In between Ports, we’ll play “On Board” games, go on scavenger hunts, sing karaoke, and have fun in the sun. Purchase your tickets now to set sail around the world!

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* LET’S PARTY (Rising K - 6th grade – Lucinda Hernandez) – This camp is sure to be a highlight of your summer as we wish a “Happy 19th Birthday” to SPX Camps and celebrate with a week full of birthday fun and games! Each day will feature a different theme, special indoor and outdoor theme-related games, and a delicious birthday treat! During this exciting week, we will celebrate with a Splish-Splash Water Party, Character Costume Party, Backyard Fun and Games Party, Popcorn Pajama Party, and Sports Fun and Games Party. And, what’s a party without Karaoke! Are you ready to celebrate? Then R.S.V.P. “yes” and meet Mrs. Hernandez for the biggest and best birthday party of the year! 

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* COACH SHELTON’S All SPORTS CAMP (Rising K - 8th grade - Coach Kristin Shelton) – Do you love Coach Shelton’s basketball Camp? Then you won’t want to miss her All Sports camp! Coach Shelton’s All Sports Camp will be packed with fun in an environment where you can develop a wider range of sporting skills while working on teamwork and good sportsmanship. Be ready for a week filled with soccer, basketball, floor hockey, field day games, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, bowling and bouncing. You will learn how to play a variety of new games and sports, all while forming new friendships. Join this camp for the time of your life. LET’S PLAY!

 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* IT’S A MIXED BAG OF STEM! (Rising 3rd - 8th grade – Cindy Gebbia) Are you a Stem-fanatic?  If so, this is the camp for you! Spend the week developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills through fun and creative hands on projects.  Activities include robotics, coding, stop-animation/movie making, Lego Digital Design, and fun science experiments! Campers will also take home their very own STEM kit!  What more could our STEM fans want! 

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* AE-READY FOR 3RD GRADE? (Rising 3rd  grade –Janine Lyon) Are you ready for 3rd grade? Math, reading, spelling, grammar, science, and writing, oh my! Mrs. Lyon is going to have fun with them all –making sure that you are ready to start 3rd grade! Each day you’ll focus on a different subject area, doing hands-on activities, science experiments, writing, reading, games and using fun technology to be sure that you not only have fun for the week but feel confident starting 3rd grade! Maximum of 12 children in the camp.


WEEK 3 - June 24-28

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations*  ALL ABOUT ARTS (Rising K – 3rd grade – Bekki Reid) – Do you love all kinds of art with all kinds of mediums? Are you an artist with your own fabulous style or maybe you don’t think you’re an artist just yet? Come to camp this week to bring out your own inner artist! Plan to get messy and be creative in new and interesting ways inside and out! We may paint with water balloons or maybe exploding ice paint! Maybe we’ll make mobiles from things found in nature or beaded jewelry! The possibilities are endless in the SPX summer art camp! By the end of the week you will have a wonderful portfolio of art you have created with many new and exciting mediums! 

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* EXPLORE SCIENCE MAGIC (Rising K - 6th grade – Lucinda Hernandez) – Did you know you can make an oven out of a pizza box on a hot day? Have you ever wondered why things are the way they are? Do you enjoy discovering new things? Then this is the camp for you! We will experiment, create, discover and answer your science questions! You can look forward to many science experiments every day. You may even go home with some concoctions of your own. It will be slimy, fizzy, gooey and loads of fun. We’ll have a great time exploding…I mean exploring science.

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* COACH SHELTON’S BASKETBALL CAMP (Rising 2nd-8th grade - Coach Kristin Shelton) – It’s Back! Coach Shelton’s famous basketball camp! If you love to play basketball, you don’t want to miss it! Take your game to the next level with Coach Shelton! AAU and college players will help Coach Shelton prepare you to be the best player you can be. Offensive drills will include shooting, dribbling, passing, and setting and using screens. You will learn offensive plays and strategies that will help you compete and understand basketball at a higher level. Defensive drills will focus on man to man defensive principles. Along with skill development in morning stations, afternoon games will be played daily with teams formed based on each camper's rising grade. Each team will participate in daily 30-minute practices, 3-point contests, and 3 on 3 contests. Don't miss out on your chance to be the next professional star! There is a great basketball player in you just waiting to shine!!!

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* MINECRAFT Meets ROBLOX (Rising 3rd – 8th grade Cindy Gebbia) –   Create and explore in Minecraft’s pixelated world.  Hunt, sail and farm, while constructing homes and objects by breaking and placing textured cubes in a 3D world. Your creativity is limitless when you join your friends to build, discover and problem solve!  But don’t stop there!  With Roblox players can create adventures, play games, role play, and interact with their friends in a family-friendly 3D environment.  The building and creating in both worlds are endless!  Please note students must have their own Minecraft account for the computer to participate in this camp. Parents can go to Minecraft.net for information on how to purchase your membership and to set-up your log-in and password. iPad and Xbox passwords will not work on our computers. The log-in and password for your student must be included in this registration. This information will be kept confidential.

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* RISING PRE-K and KINDERGARTEN CAMP (Rising Pre-K and K, Miriam DiMond and Michelle Lasley) - Students will work in centers, build their academic skills in reading and math, and enjoy captivating stories, art projects, and other activities. They will have water fun days, make bubbles, and experience other outside fun. It will be a week of learning, growing, and making new friends. Join us!

Students should bring a rest mat for rest time and a snack. Hot lunch and snacks will be available for sale, or students may bring their own lunches and snacks. More information can be found in the Summer Camps FAQs. Space is limited to 15 campers. 


WEEK 4 - July 8 - 12

 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* ENGINEERS (Rising K – 3rd grade – Bekki Reid) – Calling all builders! Are you a budding engineer? Do you love to build? Do you want to build a tower from marshmallows and spaghetti? Do you want to build a bridge out of recyclables? Join us for a week filled with building simple machines, bridges, and toothpick towers. We’ll have fun races to create the tallest tower. We’ll learn how to build the fastest paper airplane launcher. You won’t want to miss this exciting week of building for future engineers!

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* HOLIDAYS! CELEBRATE! (Rising K – 6th grade- Rebecca Bennett) Didn’t get enough celebration over the 4th of July? Continue the party at the SPX Holiday Camp. We’ll celebrate a different Holiday each day of the week! We’ll prepare holiday food, make crafts, and learn about holiday traditions around the world. You will not want to miss the celebrations!

 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* STRIKING SOCCER STARS (Rising K-6th grade – Coach Sarah Graves) – Coach Graves is ready to mold you into the next striking soccer star! During this fun-filled week, you’ll learn soccer skills like kicking, trapping, shooting, dribbling, and defense, while mixing in lots of fun games and challenges. Spend a week with a ball at your feet, juggling and improving your skills to be the next World Cup Champion! World Cuppies, skill relays, soccer dodgeball, indoor games, outdoor fun with throw in competitions, and many more skills and drills will highlight this week. Fill up your water bottle, and double knot those laces for a week of scoring goals and crazy kicking FUN! No cleats are allowed in soccer camp; shin guards are optional. 

 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* OUTDOOR ADVENTURES (Rising 2nd-8th grades –Liz Foster) – Join Ms. Foster for an exciting week of learning about nature while making unique camping crafts with natural materials! We’ll begin our week learning basic camping survival skills and using compasses to navigate our way through a nature scavenger hunt. Get some great summer ideas you can use while camping, trekking at the beach, or exploring around your own backyard. We will have some exciting guests joining us this week. A park ranger, eagle scout, and boy scout leader will show us how to pitch a tent, make a lean-to, tie various knots, and build a fire so that we can enjoy s'mores! This camp will be filled with tents, knots, watermelons and rubber bands, ring tosses, skee ball games, marble run, laser mazes with streamers, secret message decoding, mini science experiments and explosions, magnifying glasses, yoga, time-out bottles, and catapults. Sign up today for an outdoor adventure you’ll never forget! 


WEEK 5 - July 15 – 19


 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations*  SPLISH SPLASH WATER ADVENTURE (Rising K-6th grades – Coach Sarah Graves) - What should you do on a hot, summer day? Go on a wild water adventure, of course! This camp brings you all of your favorite games with a little splash to cool you down in the summer heat. Throughout the week we will have sponge relays, water limbo, water balloon toss competitions, hose challenges, spray bottle tag, ice cube challenges, and many more. To dry off, we will play some team games like Keep it Up, Pilo Polo, kickball, foursquare, and many more! If you like to play games and get wet, sign up now! You don't want to miss out on a week of games and water fun with friends. Grab your sunscreen, towel, a change of clothes, and sneakers for a wet and wild week of fun and games!


*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations*  CREATION STATION (Rising K – 6th – Erin Norris) - Tie-dye, play dough, and musical instruments! Oh my! Do you love to make crafts? If so, then this is the camp for you! We will spend the week making crafts such as tie-dye shirts, play dough, instruments, jewelry and so much more! Put on your creative hat and be ready for a fun filled week. You will not want to miss this week of creative expression!

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* SPORTS FANATICS (Rising K-8th grades –Liz Foster) – What a better way to spend your week than playing your favorite sports on the field and court! This camp is packed with sports galore including soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball, dodgeball, capture the flag, and many of your other favorites! Each day you’ll spend the morning learning the fundamentals as you focus on skills and drills. You’ll end your days with team playoff games and competitions. Good sportsmanship will be emphasized throughout the week, as it is necessary for success in any sport. With shooting, passing, and punting competitions and a special “Sports Fanatics Challenge Day” on Friday, this camp is one you don’t want to miss! NOTE: Campers will be divided into small teams based on age and ability so that everyone enjoys a fun and safe week!

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* BAND CAMP (Rising 4th – 8th – Rob York) –  Do you have band experience but want more? Do you have an instrument that you want to learn to play? Join this band camp and you will improve your music playing skills! You’ll learn how to make first sounds with your instrument, how to count basic rhythms, and read simple melodies. You’ll also improve those music reading skills and have fun playing in a group! But even the most dedicated musician needs to get up and move, so you’ll play some music and movement games and learn about the latest music technology. If you are a musician you will not want to miss this band camp! Please be sure to bring your instrument to camp each day. 

 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations*  RISING PRE-K and KINDERGARTEN CAMP (Rising Pre-K and K, Miriam DiMond and Michelle Lasley) - Students will work in centers, build their academic skills in reading and math, and enjoy captivating stories, art projects, and other activities. They will have water fun days, make bubbles, and experience other outside fun. It will be a week of learning, growing, and making new friends. Join us! 

Students should bring a rest mat for rest time and a snack. Hot lunch and snacks will be available for sale, or students may bring their own lunches and snacks. More information can be found in the Summer Camps FAQs.  Space is limited to 15 campers.   


WEEK 6 - July 22 – 26


*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* WACKY AND WONDERFUL CREATIONS (Rising K – 6th grade - Rebecca Bennett) Are you an artist or an engineer? Do you like to create? This week with Mrs. Bennett you will create wacky and wonderful designs out of the most unique items. Do you know what you can make with Duct Tape? Bookmarks, wallets, snowshoes, picture frames, and belts to name a few! How about recycled items you find around your house such bottle tops, empty coffee cans, foil rolls, empty water bottles and pompoms? If you add in items from nature you can make anything- let your imaginations run free! Join us for this week of wild, wacky, and wonderful creations at SPX Summer Camp!

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* FIZZ! BANG! POP! SCIENCE SENSATIONS! (Rising K – 6th Grade – Abigail Farris) – Are you ready to mix up some super science fun? You will not want to miss this week of experimentation with Ms. Aponte! Each day we will uncover some of the magical secrets of science fun! You’ll make your own science camp snacks, have balloon rocket races, make a popsicle stick catapult, grow crystals, make bouncing bubbles, explore solar energy, create rockets and so much more! We will spend a great week experimenting and thinking outside the box. Be prepared to get a little messy and have a lot of fun! Join us this week to see how much fun science can be!

 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* GET IN THE GAME (rising K-8th – Darin Malone) – Are PE and Recess your favorite time of the day? Do you love to play games and learn new things with your friends? Then you will not want to miss this summer camp! This camp is FIVE days of fun and games! Indoor games include pin dodge ball, gaga ball, bowlers versus rollers, carpet ball, four corners, cookie monster, Mr. Fox and more. Don’t forget about outdoor events such as 50-yard dash, farthest punt, 3-legged races, and speed stack contests. And of course, you’ll hit the courts and fields for soccer, kickball, basketball, volleyball, and badminton too! And, you’ll get to share some of your favorite games too! Lace up the sneakers, get ready for the fun, and join us for the St. Pius Games!

 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations*  PAINTING ON CANVAS (Rising 2nd-8th grades – Elizabeth Boles) – You don’t always have to stay in between the lines when making art, and that’s what makes art so fun! Have your frames ready because you are going to spend the week creating some beautiful masterpieces with a local artist! Throughout the week, you will work on a 16 x 20 acrylic painting featuring a landscape on canvas using techniques and tricks to make colorful magic happen. A highlight of the week will be having your own “studio painting time” when you’ll receive an opportunity to create a masterpiece of your choosing on a smaller canvas. Whether you’re a beginner or need to “brush up” on your technique, this camp is sure to provide you with art treasures you’ll enjoy for years to come! 

 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* CULINARY CREATIONS (Rising 3rd –8th grade Cindy Gebbia) - Do you love to create in the kitchen? Would you like to prepare some delicious snacks and meals?  Join Chef Gebbia at camp CULINARY CREATIONS as you ignite your cooking creativity! We’ll create and sample fun, delicious foods each day while learning basic kitchen skills.  Campers will also learn how to set a table for a luncheon and dinner party and have some fun learning to fold napkins in decorative displays! Each camper will make a cookbook of all the recipes they create!  Put on your apron and join us in the kitchen!


*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* AE-IMPROVE YOUR READING AND WRITING SKILLS (Rising 3rd – 5th grade – April Parker) Ensure that your reading and writing skills are on par for the next school year.  Immerse yourself in a wealth of small group literature circles that will improve reading fluency and comprehension while integrating written communication.  We will further our writing with narrative and expository writing that will come alive from real-world experiences.  You will enjoy nature while you write poetry lying under a blue sky or munching on donuts while stating your opinion about your favorite pastries.  Come read classics like Balto and learn about famous historical figures such as Leonardo da Vinci all while sharing personal experiences that connect us to the literature. Maximum of 20 children in the camp.


WEEK 7 - July 29 – August 2


 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* YOGA AND CREATIVITY (Rising K – 5th grade – Leslie Eckle) – Yoga is beneficial at every age! This camp will provide you with a fun and creative experience through yoga- based movements, mindfulness, breathing techniques, centering activities, relaxation activities, storytelling, journaling and art! We will move our bodies and quiet our minds. In this camp kids will develop better body awareness, enhance strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence. Kids will practice using breath as a tool to focus and concentrate, to calm and to relax. And perhaps, most importantly kids will CONNECT and HAVE FUN! 

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* OOEY GOOEY KITCHEN CONCOCTIONS (Rising K - 6th grade – Rebecca Bennett) - You never know what we’ll whip up in this camp. We’ll take ordinary items found in the kitchen and create incredible science concoctions. We’ll make clouds and tornados as well as rainbows in a glass. Who knew you could make rainbows in a glass! We’ll build mountains and watch them explode! You’ll learn how to make elephant toothpaste, slime, and invisible ink. You’ll be amazed by the things you can create with a little bit of science know how. And of course, if we’re using kitchen tools, we also have to use our science know how to create some delicious tasty treats along the way!

 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* BASKETBALL STARS AND “FUN”DAMENTALS (Rising K – 6th grade – Coach Sarah Graves) – You don’t have to be an “all-star” to play with us, but after a week of this camp you’ll be on your way to be an SPX Basket “ball” star! This camp will focus on the “fun”damentals of the game- ball handling, passing, shooting, layups, defense, and MORE! You will practice skills and play games like Elimination Basketball, Hot Shots, Dribble Knock Out, Speed Passing, Pass and Catch, 3 vs. 3, and 5 vs. 5. Defensive slides, relays, team games, and participating in other exciting games and activities like jump rope and ladder drills will fill the week, keeping you on your toes and active all day. Practice is the only way to get better, so lace up those shoes and be ready for lots of ACTION and FUN this week.


 *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* AE-MATH MAGIC (Rising 6th - 8th grade, grade level or slightly below – Mary Ellen Liebal) Fractions are our Friends! Come spend the week getting your math skills ready for the new school year. Review basic operations with rational numbers (whole numbers, fractions, and decimals). Discover why ‘Fractions are our Friends’. Investigate the world of geometry. Write and solve original word problems using different problem-solving strategies. You’ll have fun with math games, group projects, and hands-on activities. We’ll end the week presenting the most surprising math fact learned during camp. Join us to be sure you are ready for some Math Magic as the school year starts! Maximum of 15 children in the camp.


WEEK 8 - August 5 - 9


*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations*  LAST BASH BEACH BASH (rising K –6th grade –Rebecca Bennett) Let’s end this summer with a bash - a beach bash! Are you ready to make a splash? Join us for some fun in the sun! Although we are a few hours from the beach, we will do our best to bring the best of the coast to you! We will explore water science experiments. Create sand art and explore ocean wildlife this week. We may even make some amazing crafts that you can take on your last bash beach trips. Close your eyes and you might think you’re really at the beach! Sign up now for a week of fun in the sun!

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* COOKING CREATIONS (rising K - 6th grade – Lucinda Hernandez) -  Everyone loves great food and great company!  Come spend a week learning how to be the next great chef.  You will learn how to prepare special snacks, treats and entire meals.  You'll learn specific recipes and techniques for using the crockpot so that you can create a crockpot meal for your family. But for those super-hot days when you don’t want to add any heat to the kitchen you’ll learn how to create no-bake wonders! Won’t your parents be surprised when you help them measure ingredients, prepare menus, and assist them in the kitchen.  And of course, all great chefs must eat the gourmet foods they create!  Join us for a week of food creation, tasting, and fun!

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* BEGINNING GUITAR CAMP (Rising 2nd-6th grade – Rob York) – Have you been wanting to learn how to play the guitar. Mr. York is here to help. If you have an acoustic guitar and are a beginner –no experience needed - come join our guitar camp. You’ll learn how to play simple melodies and simple chords. And how to strum along with some popular songs. But it won’t be sitting still all day with your guitars. You’ll play some music and movement games and use some of the latest music technology! Please bring your acoustic guitar to camp each day.

  *CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* VOLLEYBALL (rising 4th-8th grade – Coach Trevor Hewitt) - Bump…. Set...Spike! This camp will help you develop some basic volleyball skills all while enhancing your love for the game! With a focus on the development of the core fundamentals, our coaches will teach you the proper technique and form essential for the success of all young players. The #1 priority is to help each player improve regardless of initial skill level, and campers will learn the importance of stretches and warm ups, as well as important skill sets of passing, setting, spiking, digging, serving, blocking, and being a team player. Highlights of the week will be scrimmage game, queen’s court, knee tag, ball tag, pepper, and passing with a partner. Whether it’s on the court, in the pool, or on the beach, volleyball is a favorite! Boys and girls are welcome to join Coach Hoff for five days filled with skill development, games, good sportsmanship, and fun! 

*CLOSED, no longer accepting registrations* STUDY SKILLS (Rising 4th – 8th grade – Richard Devita) Organization not your thing? Your parents always telling you need to learn to study smarter? Come spend the week with Mr. Devita as he helps you get a jump on the new school year! You will start the school year ready to go with proofreading strategies and better note-taking skills. If you struggle with taking tests, he’ll help you learn to make study guides and teach you new study tips! And, if you know Mr. Devita, you know you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. Get back to school well organized and ready to learn! 2019-2020 will be your year to shine with the great skills you’ll learn in this SPX summer camp!